“POLJOPROIZVOD” enterprise was founded in 1990, with its premises in Uzice in 2/a Terazije Street.
The enterprise deals with drinks retail and wholesale, production and merchandize of fodder concentrate and its components, and recently with restaurant managing business.
There are three retail stores, a restaurant and a fodder mixer space within the enterprise.

In store no1.which is situated in Uzice, in 30, Radnicki bataljon Street you can find all sorts of drinks, flour and fodder.
Store no.2 in Ravni, sells drinks, flour, fodder and seasonal seeds. Store no.3 in Sirogojno, also has drinks, flour, fodder, seasonal seeds and souvenirs.

Fodder mixer is producing fodder of supreme quality and without any GM components.
The restaurant and pizza restaurant “Inn on the Hill” in Sirogojno, is situated immediately by the walking track to “The Old Village.” The interior is a mixture of ethno and modern style, and there is a beautiful terrace with a fountain.
There are 44 seats inside the restaurant and 55 more on the terrace with a possibility of extra seats.
The menu consists of cold hors d`oeuvres, soups, pizzas, pancakes, grill and national dishes.
Organized visits can be made on the phone 031/802-462 and mobile phone 065/554- 6666

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